Pimping My Wife
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The first odd thing I noticed was that my wife's car was in our driveway. Neither one of us ever came home for lunch. I was only there to run in because I'd forgotten a file I needed for a meeting that afternoon. I just dismissed it, though. Maybe she just wasn't feeling well and had come home early from work. At least that's what I thought until I got inside the front door. 

I wasn't trying to be quiet, but there was such a commotion coming from our bedroom in the back. I don't think Allyson would have heard a truck crashing into the house. Hearing the noises, my greeting was still born in my throat. There was the sound of our headboard banging rapidly, violently against the wall, along with the male grunts, and the other sounds I know all too well. My wife, Allyson was not shy at all in the bedroom and very vocal. Between her cries, I heard her shout, "God, fuck me, Mac. Fuck me, fuck me, harder, harder…" Allyson kept shouting, the noises getting louder as I moved to the back of the house. 

I paused at our bedroom door, not sure I wanted to see what was going on in there. I felt the burning anger of a cuckolded husband, but I was also getting pretty aroused. I knew Mac. He was a younger man and had been Allyson's boss for the past eight months. I would make her suffer for this. I just wasn't sure how, yet. Girding myself, my cock now rock hard, I turned and stood in the open doorway of our bedroom. I was greeted by quite a sight. 

Allyson's ankles were back by her ears. I had no idea she was that flexible. Mac was on top of her, slamming away like there was no tomorrow. His ass was a blur as he dove it deep into my wife, and from her cries, she was enjoying every second of it. Her breasts bounced in time to their frantic fucking. 

"Fuck, I'm gonna cum, Mac, " Allyson shouted. "Do it baby, cum for me," Mac encouraged. 

I recognized the sighs of my wife in orgasm very well and this was a biggie. Allyson trembled, and then froze, body taut. A wordless wail escaped her parted lips, and then she thrashed on the bed. I knew Mac couldn't withstand the burning cauldron of my wife's cumming pussy, I never could, and he came right behind her. As soon as they finished, Mac rolled off her. They were both sweaty and breathless. I noticed Mac had not worn a condom. 

"Enjoying my wife?" I asked, and they both looked at me, startled. Mac half rose from the bed. "Oh, don't get up," I said. 

Mac did and I let him get close before I dropped him with a right. I'm 6'3" and stocky, half a foot taller and easily fifty pounds heavier than Mac and my punch dropped him like a sack of potatoes. "I said not to get up." Allyson was frozen on our bed, but had pulled up the sheet to cover herself. 

I grabbed Mac's clothes in one hand and the back of his neck in the other and half dragged him to the front door. He struggled until I slammed his head into the doorjamb. He went limp, weakly protesting and begging. I threw him and his clothes outside and slammed the door. I didn't see another car, so I assumed Allyson had driven him. Guess he'd have to find another way back to the office. He was lucky I'd given him back his clothes. 

I sat on the couch with my head in my hands, our children staring down at me from the mantle. Allyson and I were married for seventeen years and had two kids, Carly, 16, and Donnie, Jr., 10. Allyson and I were married our last year of college, we'd had our first child a year later. She stayed at home with Carly during the day and waitressed at night in our early years to help put me through grad school. Five years ago, she'd returned to the work force, while I rose at a large corporation. Suddenly it seemed like all those years seemed meaningless. 

Allyson came out in her terry cloth robe, face crimson with shame. She sat beside me on the couch. Even in her state, I could still see the girl I'd fallen for. I had always been jealous of all the guys who leered at my girlfriend, then wife, but also took pride in their attention. Allyson is stunning. Men will openly eye her as if I were not even there. She is 5'9", with long brown hair, that shimmered with soft, radiant highlights and green eyes clear as glass. Time was meaningless for Allyson; at 39 she still looked 29. A lean runner's body, despite two children, and small, high breasts--B-cups, almost C's, which were firm as a teenager's. Allyson always loved attention, but there had never been any signs she would take anyone up on an offer. She reached over to touch my leg, but I jerked away. For one thing, I didn't want her knowing how aroused I was. "Honey…" Allyson said, her voice breaking.


"Don't honey me, you fucking tramp."  

"Don?" she asked with shock. 

I sprang up from the couch and stared at her accusingly. "I can't believe you did this."  

"I'm so sorry." 

I wasn't interested in hearing it. "How long have you been fucking him?" Allyson looked at me. "The last few weeks."  

"Every damn day?" 

Shamed by the truth, she whispered, "Just about." 

"When did you become a whore? How did I not notice?"  

Anger briefly flashed in her eyes. "How could you? You've practically lived at the office for the last six months. It just started with me telling Mac how frustrated I was and him telling me how unfair it was, how sexy I was." 

"I'm sure he did." 

Allyson's voice cracked, she was on the verge of tears. "I didn't encourage him. He kept telling me how a woman like me was dangerous to neglect, he said he couldn't keep his eyes off me." I couldn't fault Mac for that. Although Allyson did not dress provocatively, she automatically looked sexy in a simple business suit or even jeans and a t-shirt. "It took him a month, but when he made his move, I couldn't stop him. I swore to myself it would be just once." 

"Tell me about it. Tell me how Mac seduced my wife." 

" I, I," Allyson couldn't speak, but my face told her I was deadly serious. "He called me into his office, asked how things were going with you. While I talked, he moved close to me, like he always did, but this time he didn't hold back. When he touched my body, I didn't do anything, I didn't need to, he could tell how much I wanted some attention. He kissed me. I asked him to stop, but when Mac said I didn't want him to, I couldn't argue." 


"So he undressed me and took me right on the floor of his office. It was so hard to stay quiet." 

"And after that?" My voice dripped with contempt. 

"I don't know what came over me, I just couldn't stop. A few days later we were almost caught in his office and I told him it was too dangerous. At lunch, he told me to take him home and I did." As remourseful as I could tell she was, she did not seem regretful. 

My cock was steel. I could see my pretty Allyson on the floor of that small office, legs spread for her boss, desperately scared of getting caught, but too horny to care. What would she think if she knew how this affected me? Did it matter? 

"No Don! I swear." Allyson grabbed my hands, looked up at me pleadingly. 

"I've been so busy because my job depends on this fucking deal, you have no idea how hard it's been. It's been all I can think about, and I still don't think I've nailed it. I was sweating it out for this family while you were out at lunch everyday slutting around." 

"I'm so sorry," Allyson sobbed. 

"What do I do now? Leave you? Break up our family? Tell our kids their mother is a whore?" 

Tears rolled down Allyson's face. "Please no. I'll do anything to make it up to you. Anything." 

What the fuck could I do? Even in this crisis, the deal still weighed on my mind. I was meeting the businessman for dinner Thursday night. It could make or break the deal. Then there was how horny I was despite my rage. Slowly, things began to merge in my mind. 

Maybe there was a way I could take care of Allyson, close my deal and explore these weird conflicting feelings I was having all at the same time. Slowly, a plan germinated in my brain. I released my hands and commanded, "Look at me." Reluctantly, Allyson did. "You'll do anything?" I asked slowly. 

"Yes, Don. I don't want to lose everything we built together," Allyson said. 

It was risky, could end our marriage, but things were nearly irreparable now. From what I had been able to gather, Stefan Muller, my German counterpart in the deal, was an odd man. Many times there would have to be "extras" or "perks" before any deal could be closed. He saw it as a sign of respect. A colleague had suggested outright that I send him a call girl while Muller was in town, said it could show I was serious and close everything. He joked I could probably even write it off. I considered, but it seemed sordid, and what if I got caught. But now, Allyson had put me in a unique position.  

"Since I'm married to a whore, I might as well take advantage of it," I said sarcastically. 

"Excuse me?" Allyson asked, confused. 

"I think I have a way you can make this up to me." 


It was best to just say it. "You are going to my meeting Thursday night, in my place." 

"Why?" Allyson had not idea, but why would she. 

"You'll do whatever you need to get the deal closed." 

Allyson stared at me bewildered. Like a sea change, her face drained of colour. "Oh, no." 

"You said anything." 

"But how could you?" Her eyes teared again. 

"How could you?" I shot back. "I could just tell everyone what I found today. Our kids, friends, your co-workers, your parents, they'll all want to know why I'm taking the kids and leaving you." 


"Then you'll be the slut you are, but at least this time I'll get something out of it." 

We were silent for sometime. She tried to look at me, to see if I could possibly mean it, but my tone left no room for doubt. Finally, in a tiny voice, Allyson said, "Yes." 

"Good," I said. 

"You'd really do this?" 

"It's a win-win. I get my deal closed and you probably get the fucking you desperately need." She said nothing. "But things are changing right now. If I ever hear of Mac touching you, or coming around here, I'll break his legs. You are my slut. You will only fuck me or who I tell you to. And when I tell you, I don't want any lip. Understand?" 


"Get up." Allyson rose from the couch, her entire demeanor altered. She was completely submissive, like a whipped dog. I flung her robe off her shoulders. Allyson's thick, pale nipples were still swollen, her pussy red and puffy. I never wanted her more than right then. I dropped my pants as quickly as I could and bent Allyson over the couch. Her hair veiled her face. 

I thrust into Allyson with no warning. My cock's 8" and pretty big around and I usually have to get Allyson nice and wet before she's ready for me. But her freshly fucked cunt sucked me right up. She was still so damn wet and some of Mac's cum squeezed out of her. Allyson grunted as I roughly thrust into her. I was determined to treat her like the tramp I now thought of her as.  My hand was on her back keeping her bent over. 

"Tell me," I said.

 "Oh. What?" Allyson grunted.


"What you are. I want to hear you say it." 

There was a little hesitation. 

"I'm a slut, a whore. I'm your whore, honey. Mmmm, I'm your whore," she said breathlessly, taking to her new role pretty quickly. She gripped the back of the couch and pushed her hips back at me, meeting me thrust for wicked thrust. She'd been fucked barely an hour before, who knew how many times. But here she was, fucking me like an animal. 

"Uhn, uhn, uhn, fuck me, Don, Sir. Fuck me hard, like the slut I am. Fuck your whore. Use me." Allyson's word stung my ears. I could not help picturing Mac fucking her silly, her begging him for it too. Her freshly fucked cunt felt so different, like she was a new woman, which, from now on, she would be. "Fuck me, fuck me," Allyson pleaded. There was no way I could hold out. "There you go whore, take it, take it all," I shouted, blasting my cum deep inside my wife. Allyson kept rearing against me until my cock was completely drained and I slumped away. As soon as I did, Allyson plunged her fingers into her pussy, making herself cum again, harder than before. "Oh God! Oh sweet God!" She cried. When she finished, Allyson took her fingers covered with the cum of two men and made a show of sucking them clean for me. Then she dropped to her knees and licked me clean. 

"You like this don't you?" Allyson asked, looking up at me. 

"Yes," I confessed. "But I'm not sure as much as you do." She looked away. "It's like we're two different, new people. I've never wanted you so badly." 

Allyson sucked my cock and I felt it rising again. "So this is what you want from me?" 

"Yes, my pretty slut." I could see the words charged her. Until recently, Allyson had always had a decent sex life even if it wasn't very experimental. How had we never stumbled upon this dynamic in seventeen years? I pushed her mouth away and pulled up my pants. "I have to go back to work. You'd better get cleaned up. The kids will be home in a couple of hours." 

"Yes, sir," Allyson said. 

For the next couple of nights, Allyson and I made love nearly until dawn, like when we first met. But then again, "making love" seems wrong. We fucked. We went at each other with breath taking passion. Allyson thrived in her submissive role. She dutifully played the willing slut. I took her ass for the first time in ten years. I made her spread it open and beg me for it. At one point I had to gag her to keep her from waking the kids. 

Thursday night came and I found a change in Allyson. She was obviously having second thoughts. She was wondering if I would really make her do this. Maybe a part of her hoped it was really just role-playing. However, she knew enough not to voice her doubts. I did have a pang of conscience, but I wanted all that this night would bring far too much to let that get in my way. 

After starting dinner, Allyson went upstairs to get ready. I told the kids that their mom was having a girl's night out. When she came down, she was stunning. She had chosen the short, black crepe dress she wore for a wedding we attended recently. It perfectly clung to her curves, showing off her breasts, her tight ass and her perfect legs. She wore black satin heels to match the dress. Her hair was slightly curled and pulled back. Underneath, she wore a black camisole without a bra and a matching pair of panties. She wore black stockings and a garter belt, which she bought during lunch. Allyson wore her wedding ring on a gold chain around her neck, as I instructed. The only other piece of jewelry she wore was a gold anklet. The whole effect was extremely sexy and sensuous, without being obvious. Every eye would be glued to her and they would all know what she was out for. Coming down the stairs, her unrestrained breasts gave a slight bounce. I still marvel at how sexy Allyson is. Fortunately, the kids were playing out back. 

"I'm ready," she said, smiling weakly. 

I kissed her cheek. "Don't worry, no man could resist you tonight." I gave her breasts a gentle squeeze and she moaned. She was so aroused that she could hardly contain herself.  

"Thank you, sir." 

"Do you remember everything?" I asked, as I had briefed her on every detail earlier. Not only very sexy, Allyson was very bright. I trusted her completely. 

"Yes, sir." 

I kissed her, then said, "You'd better get going." 

"I know. I promise I will be a good slut. I won't let you down," she replied. 

"I know." 

Allyson turned to go, but looked back at me from the door. "I love you," she said. 

"I love you too." With that, my wife walked out the door to start her new life as her husband's whore. 

It was nearly four am when Allyson stumbled in. I was up, there was no way I could sleep. I had to jerk off three times after the kids went to bed. I sat on the couch while she silently closed the door behind her. Before taking another step, she unzipped her dress and it slipped to the floor. The only thing left under was her garter belt and stockings, which were full of runners. Her hair was down, totally mussed, her make-up destroyed. Allyson came closer and in the dim light I saw dried cum on her chest, her back, her ass and on her thighs where it had run from her pussy. Now she looked like the slut she'd become. Her transformation was complete. 

Allyson looked exhausted. She smiled weakly. I gave her a look that asked, "Well?" 

"My God," was all she could say. Looking at my ruined slut of a wife, my whole body throbbed. Allyson understood she had one more duty to fulfill tonight and bent over the back of the couch. I got rid of my shorts.  

"Please fuck me, sir," Allyson said. I entered her and told her to tell me everything. 

"With pleasure, sir," Allyson moaned as I slipped inside. 

"What a good slut you are," I told her. 

"Thank you, sir." And she began, "I left the house and drove to the garage, like we planned…" 

Allyson stepped from the garage and flagged down a cab to the Four Seasons, where Muller was staying. I was supposed to meet Muller at the hotel restaurant at 9. Allyson approached the maitre d' and asked if Muller had arrived yet. While he was checking, a voice behind Allyson said, "I am Herr Muller," in softly accented English. 

"Herr Muller, I am Alexandria," my wife said turning. Until just then, I had not given any thought to her using an assumed name. "Mr. Dawson regrets that he could not make it tonight. But he thought that you might find me to be more diverting dinner company anyway," she continued.  Allyson struggled to remain coolly detached as she offered Muller her hand. 

Muller gazed at Allyson with naked appraisal. Taking her hand, Muller bent down to kiss it.  "I believe Mr. Dawson was correct, Alex. May I call you Alex?" His eyes never left hers. He told Allyson exactly what she was and why she was there.  

With deference, Allyson said, "Of course." Muller placed his hand on her back and gestured toward the dining room. "Shall we proceed? And please, call me Stefan." 

During dinner, Stefan seemed surprised when Allyson brought up business and the need to close the deal. "You are not a regular prostitute, are you?" Stefan asked. Allyson merely smiled. As they ate and discussed the deal, Stefan's hand drifted to Allyson's leg. She jumped at this first intimate contact, and in so public a place, but she willed herself to relax. She understood how the evening must go. Allyson parted her legs slightly for the man. Her dress ended several inches above the knee and for the moment, he seemed content to caress her thigh. 

Allyson regarded Stefan while he outlined the deal from his prospective, trying to imagine sex with him. Stefan Muller was not a handsome man by any conventional standards. He was not so different than many men in their mid 50's. His gray hair was thinning and his body was that of a man who had been active, but let himself go. In her heels, Allyson was maybe a hair taller than he. However, his expensive suit, his demeanor, a piercing intelligence made him alluring, bespoke of power. 

Suddenly emboldened, Allyson placed her hand in Stefan's lap. He barely paused speaking, his slight smile the only acknowledgement of her advance. When he was finished, Allyson spoke. She picked apart some of his points, negotiating where she could. Allyson became much more comfortable being able to show she had a mind as well. For emphasis, she massaged his growing cock on the more difficult points. As if locked in a game of cat and mouse, Stefan's hand moved beneath Allyson's dress, touching her through her panties. Stefan had good hands. Allyson flushed despite her resolve not to do so; she paused when she sipped her wine. 

"Perhaps, Alex, we should continue our discussion upstairs in my suite," Stefan suggested. 

Allyson downed the last bit of wine and agreed. She paid the check and hoped Stefan wasn't sharp enough to see her sign the credit slip 'Allyson Dawson.' Stefan's suite was very well appointed, as it should have been for what my company was paying for it. It consisted of a large central living room flanked by two spacious bedrooms. Stefan mixed drinks while Allyson sat on the couch and examined the contract she pulled from her purse. Stefan brought over the drinks and sat very close beside her. 

"May I see that?" Stefan asked as he took the contract. Allyson took a deep pull from her drink to brace her for what would come next. She was not exactly sure how to behave. Thus far, she'd shown a detachment, trying to imagine how an expensive call girl would be. Now, they were up in his suite. How aggressive should she be? With Mac, he'd made all the moves, allowing her to go with the flow. Allyson reached to Stefan's lap, rubbing him as she had downstairs, only now with both hands. 

Stefan was mostly silent while he read. "What makes you so desirable, besides your beauty, is that your obviously not some, you say, bimbo. Your skills are varied and you can be trusted. Donald must use you often," Stefan said. You have no idea, Allyson thought.  "Your services must be very expensive, Alex." 

Stefan's hand was on Allyson's back, softly rubbing it. It took Allyson a while to notice the pressure from his hand increasing, easing her forward, and subtly letting her know what he wanted. Allyson exposed his cock and it popped into the open. He was hard, but grew from her ministrations. Stefan had a stubby cock, not as long as my 7", but very thick, to the point Allyson almost couldn't get her hand around it. Clear fluid formed on the tip and Allyson licked her very dry lips. She barely breathed as she lowered her face, Stefan's cock inches from her, closed her eyes, and stretched her lips around the thick head. She tasted his fluid, darting her tongue into the slit on his tip. Stefan let out a sigh as Allyson's cheeks hollowed as she hungrily sucked the head. She slowly jerked his length. Her other hand fondled his heavy balls. Allyson slipped lower, endeavouring to take more of him in, wondering if her mouth was so wide enough to accommodate the base.  In spit of her conflicting feelings, Allyson felt her arousal grow. She knew downstairs Stefan must have felt her wetness through her panties, which embarrassed her. Was a call girl supposed to get aroused? 

Speaking with the authority of experience, I can say my wife gives one hell of a blowjob. Being a good Catholic, Allyson had remained a technical virgin through most of her teen years, while perfecting her oral skills. And now a married woman, Allyson was exercising those skills on a perfect stranger. She went slowly, sucking down more and more, taking her time. She wanted Stefan to enjoy the leisurely blowjob and she found herself enjoying it as well. She was in no hurry. For the first time that evening, Allyson had little doubt she could go through with it. She thought she might even like it. 

Stefan laid the contract aside. "Alex, that feels most wonderful, you are a woman of many talents." Stefan told me later that he had sampled whores all over the globe, but that 'Alexandria' with her obvious enthusiasm, yet almost hesitating manner and her myriad skills, was by far one of the best. 

Allyson lay draped across the couch. Stefan ran his hand over her back, then down to cup her firm breast. Her nipple sprang up diamond hard, poking through her dress. Stefan rolled and turned it, causing Allyson to moan into his cock. Allyson had his entire cock in her mouth and sucked him hard, her drool matting his curly gray pubic hair. She felt his breath quicken and would have thought he'd cum by now, but Stefan had great control. He lifted the hem of her dress and found her panties much wetter than they had been in the restaurant. He smiled at how she squirmed when he caressed her cunt. He'd been with many whores and could tell a genuine reaction, which few whores gave, even when they did enjoy something. 

"You may stop, Alex. As wonderful as that feels, few have made me climax that way. Instead, show me yourself. Show me how you like to be touched." 

Allyson pushed up from his cock. Her jaw was aching, but she'd been determined to finish him. Although glad to rest her mouth, Allyson dreaded what Stefan said. She did not like to touch herself in front of me and I'm her husband. She said it made her self-conscious to be watched like that. But she knew she had no choice. She would do whatever Stefan wanted. 

Allyson reached back and unzipped her dress. She pulled it down slowly, trying for a tease. She lifted her hips, then stepped out of the dress and laid it aside. She was not even sure where to start. She thought to the infrequent occasions she masturbated. Allyson tilted her head back and ran her fingers down her neck, touched her shoulders. She kept her eyes closed, but could feel Stefan watching. She cupped her breasts, softly massaging them. The feel of the black silk camisole on her skin was very pleasant. Her nipples throbbed to her touch, responding to the feel of the silk sliding over them. Allyson's lips parted in a sigh and she slipped her fingers between, making a show of sucking and licking them. She opened her eyes, stared into Stefan's and she trembled. He saw right through her, saw how much she was into this. Allyson was a washed in strange new feelings. She watched his eyes follow when she plucked the camisole strap from her shoulder, exposing her almost perfectly rounded breast. Her nipple was very deep red and thick. Involuntarily, Allyson gasped when she took it between her wet fingers. Her other hand dropped to her nylon covered thigh. Allyson moved back on the couch, spread her legs and showed the wet spot on her panties. 

"Bravo," Stefan said, but Allyson did not stop. She tugged her panties to the side, showing Stefan her very neatly trimmed little pussy. Allyson threw her head back and moaned, running her fingers between the thick dewy lips. She spread her legs wider, making the lips part. Her nipple throbbed in time with her cunt, hands giving pleasure in both places. She brought both hands down, so she could hold herself open while the fingers of the other hand strummed inside her, her thumbnail teasing her swollen clit. Allyson's pulse pounded in her temples, her body tingled. She'd almost forgotten she wasn't alone, except for the feeling of those watching eyes. It spread through her like wildfire. Allyson's two fingers pistoning into her cunt, rubbing her clit and she could hold back no longer. Allyson shouted and trembled, her orgasm crashing over her. 

Allyson lay on the couch trying to regain composure. She'd closed her legs, but her hand remained rubbing. She snapped out of it at Stefan's light applause. "Again, bravo," he said, "You are quite an extraordinary woman." The German rose and walked toward his bedroom. "Come, Alex." Allyson got up from the couch and obediently followed. 

When Allyson walked into the bedroom, Stefan was undressing, and neatly hanging up his clothes. She waited for him by the foot of the bed. Stefan walked to my wife and took her breasts roughly in his hands. Allyson gasped at the unexpectedly harsh contact. She reached for his cock, which stood from a nest of graying pubic hair and stroked it in her hands. "Yes, show me how badly you want to please me," Stefan murmured. He grabbed the front of her camisole and jerked down, popping off the thin straps. He let the garment drop to the ground. 

"Hey, not so rough," Allyson complained. 

"You are here for what I want, yes?" 

Eyes downcast, Allyson answered, "Yes." She was wondering just what she'd gotten herself into. 

"Good," Stefan answered, running his hand between her legs, pulling her soaked panties between her lips. "You see, I like to show my women, especially ones like you, that no matter how clever they may be, they still have their proper station. It is important for them to know what that is. And I don't believe you do.  Yet." Stefan smiled and ripped away Allyson's panties. Again, she gasped, and tried to pull her legs together. Stefan turned her around and pushed her toward a desk in the room. He bent her over it and thrust up inside her without warning. 

"Uuuhh…" Allyson cried out. Although she was still very wet from before, Stefan's fat prick stretched her to the limit. Allyson was a little scared, being handled so roughly by this stranger, but despite that, she found herself responding. Stefan did not get too deep, but his girth caused a wonderful friction in her cunt. Quickly, Allyson was losing herself in the role of hired whore again. She gripped the edge of the desk and thrust back at the foreign businessman. 

"You see, Alex, you all like to be shown your station," he grunted. He was fucking Allyson hard and just could not last longer than a couple of minutes in her tight pussy. He grabbed her garters, riding the bucking woman, then with a grunt, pulled out, blasting jizz all over her ass and back. Allyson's ass twirled, craving more cock.  

Stefan collapsed onto the bed and hearing that, Allyson straightened from the desk. It wasn't fair. The fucking felt great, but was far too short. She turned to look at Stefan, who lay panting on the bed. She supposed she should be grateful that it was over so quickly. 

"Come, Alex," Stefan said beckoning Allyson to the bed. Apparently, it wasn't over yet. She'd always been of the impression that with a hooker, the man came once and that was it. She quashed her questions for the moment and crawled onto the queen-sized bed between Stefan's open legs. "I should like you to help me recuperate." 

Allyson bent forward, her wedding ring dangling from the chain around her neck, and took the short, slimy, flaccid cock in her hand. It slid easily in her fist, wet from her own pussy. Stefan pulled her pretty brown hair half-down and twirled his fingers in it before he pulled her head down. A hand job was not what he had in mind. Allyson opened her mouth wide and again accepted the thick member. She sucked with determination, with all her skill. Stefan was pulling her head down, thrusting up. She was not used to such aggressive tactics. I know I always just lay back and let her go to work. Allyson liked this aggressiveness and redoubled her efforts as her drool ran down his shaft. It was only a few minutes before Stefan was surging back to life, his prick throbbing with thick veins. Allyson thought he meant for her to finish him with her mouth, but that was not the case. 

"Mount me, Alex," he ordered. 

My whore wife's pussy was so wet; she did not need to be told twice. She climbed onto Stefan and mounted him much the same way I caught her with Mac that fateful day. She stuffed him inside of her and sighed as she scuttled down on it, feeling it open her wide. Allyson churned her hips, grinding into him.  Stefan reached up, mashing her little breasts and crushed her nipples between his fingers. Electric shocks went straight from her breasts to her pussy. She frigged her clit and if pulsed in time to her sore nipples. Allyson was humping forward and reached back to squeeze and fondle his large balls. She milked him with her cunt muscles with every flex of her hips. When she could feel his balls tightening, she eased up, relishing her control. She decided, however, the time for subtlety was over. 

Allyson leaned forward, pressing her breasts into Stefan's hands. She placed her hands on his stomach, raising her pussy almost completely off him. Stefan's face had been a mask of ecstasy, but now he looked very curious to see what she would do next. Allyson slammed her pussy back down, unable to stifle her cry. She was not used to something quite so thick, the way it rubbed her clit. A pause, and she did it again. The pauses became shorter with each plunge until Allyson rode him with a nice steady rhythm. Stefan's hands abandoned her chest, instead holding the flapping globes of her ass-cheeks. The friction on Allyson's clit was most wonderful and she moaned constantly from the mini-shocks lighting her cunt. She could have ridden Stefan this way all night and her certainly seemed to have no exceptions. But Allyson could tell he was on the verge of cumming. She upped the tempo, rode him harder, more frantically. The room filled with the wet sounds of their bodies slapping together. 

"God, Stefan, fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" Allyson repeated. His fingers dug into her flesh. His hips rose from the stiff mattress to drive his cock into her as she crashed down on him, he clit caught in the middle. "Oh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" Allyson cried, driving onto Stefan. 

Stefan was wordlessly grunting, pressing toward his own orgasm. Allyson felt him tense beneath her and she was able to cum explosively a heartbeat before he did. She screamed to wake the dead, rigid on top of him, while his cock pumped what felt like an endless load of cum into her creaming pussy. Allyson's breaths came in rasps, her body screaming in joy. Stefan seemed to cum almost as long as she did. She had never felt anyone cum so much. Finally, exhausted, Allyson rolled off him. His cock left strings of cum on her thighs and stockings. 

When he had recovered a bit, Stefan said, "Thank you for your services, Alex. You were quite good. I enjoyed you very much." His tone was cold and Allyson knew what to infer from it. She climbed off the bed and found her dress. Suddenly she felt very much like the whore she had become. Maybe too willingly, she thought. After all, she'd had no trouble slipping into her role or doing what was asked of her. She wanted to get out of there; she did not even pause to clean up. She decided to leave her ruined undergarments behind. Allyson carried the contract into the bedroom, where Stefan signed it, then she slipped into her dress. Quietly, she closed the door behind her. 

This account left me with a question. I asked my wife, while I pumped her sore pussy from behind, "Where did the extra cum come from?" She thrust back onto my cock and explained. 

Allyson took the cab back to the garage, paid the driver and got her car. At that point, she realized she didn't have any money left. She drove down to the booth, where she explained things to the attendant. I was home with the kids and could not come to get her. The attendant took one look at the state she was in, guessed what she was up to and what she probably was. She suggested they could probably work something out. Allyson had already crossed the line. She was a whore now, so what would the difference be? In for a dime, in for a dollar. And besides, the attendant, a young, slim Puerto Rican, wasn't too bad looking. She got on her knees on the filthy floor of the booth, ruining her stockings and finished out his semi-hard cock. He grew strong in her mouth. Allyson pulled down the top of her dress and he told her she had nice tits and while he touched them. He did not last long in my pretty wife's hungry mouth. She jacked him in her hand, some of his cum shooting into her open mouth, the rest coating her breasts. She fixed dress and he helped her to her feet. Oddly, Allyson found the slutty act had made her wet anew. Anyway, he was happy to let her out. He smiled and waved to Allyson as she drove through the gate. 

Hearing this final, unexpected part of the story was enough to push me over the edge. What a whore my wife had become! Allyson came hard, milking my cock. She tried her best to be quiet and not wake the kids. I pulled out of her and pushed her to her knees. Allyson jerked my slimy cock and popped it into her mouth. I looked down at my wife, her hair in disarray, covered with other men's cum, eyes gleaming. Whatever she might feel later, at the moment she clearly loved her new role. 

"Come on baby, let me have it. I know you love this. You've turned me into your little whore. Show me how good I've been," Allyson cooed. That was all it took for me. My cock surged, spurting into Allyson's waiting mouth, into her hair, onto her face. When I finished, I slumped to the floor, while Allyson scooped some cum from her cheek and licked it off her fingers. 

I went to bed while Allyson showered. She crawled into bed beside me, naked. Her pink skin was scrubbed clean and fresh. We clasped hands and I felt her wedding ring back on her finger. We whispered 'I love yous.' My wife was back and I loved her dearly. But my heart raced, knowing my whore was just a command away.