Excerpt from

Her Anniversary Present



Jake Marlow


“You’d better, because now you’re stuck with me.”

Steve rolled onto his side and kissed her.  What he meant as a quick kiss turned into a long, slow burning passionate kiss.  “Somehow I don’t think I’ll mind it at all,” he said.  Kristen wormed her hand between them and was stroking him back to life as they kissed.

“That’s just because I’ll let you do anything you want to me,” she giggled.

“It certainly helps.”  Actually, he thought, it was more the other way around a lot of the time.  Steve was six feet tall and Kristen was only a couple inches shorter and incredibly limber from her years of college and high school athletics.  Twenty-eight now, she still kept active, playing in a local volleyball league and rollerblading in the park whenever the weather was nice.  Steve hit the gym a couple times a week, but now that he was in his early thirties he could already feel the fitness of his twenties slipping away.  He just couldn’t find the time to hit the gym or go running when he was working sixty hour weeks.

“Do you think it’s always going to be like this?” She asked, wrapping her hand around his now hard cock.  “We’re not going to turn into one of those couples who just pass each other in the house and barely make love, are we?”

“Not a chance, as long as you keep in shape.”

“Hey!” Kristen squeezed his cock hard and he yelped.

“Just kidding.  Seriously, I love you and I will love you for the rest of our lives.”

Kristen pushed him onto his back and started kissing his chest and then lightly licking his sparsely haired nipples, making his cock surge in her hand.  Her long, jet black hair tickled his chest as she kissed his nipples and then moved lower.  Her nipples dragged across his leg and then he cupped them in his hands as they hung down and pinched her thick, dark nipples.  Not only did Kristen have great breasts, her nipples were amazing.  She almost always wore padded bras because they were so hard to hide and she really liked it when he treated them roughly.  She moaned loudly as he rolled them between his fingers.

Steve brushed back her veil of hair when she kissed her way up his cock.  He loved to watch her take it between her full lips.  He was not a small man and had always been impressed that Kristen had no problem taking him in her mouth and even finishing him, where the other girls he’d been with complained of tired, sore jaws before they could finish him.  She stretched her pretty mouth open wide and took him until the head hit the back of her throat and then closed her lips and sucked him hard.  She could not quite swallow all of him, but she knew how to use her hand on the rest.  It reminded him of the amazing blow job Kristen gave him on their first date.  That was when he knew she was a keeper.

Kristen popped him out of her mouth and straddled Steve, pointing his cock in the air and settling down on it with one, hard drop.  She cried out when she stretched around him and Steve reached up and mashed her breasts in his hands.  He loved to watch her ride him, almost as much as he loved the view of her round ass when he took her from behind.  He had a full length mirror mounted on the closet door beside his bed and it offered the perfect view of her ripe body when she was on her hands and knees.  He loved looking down from her sweet ass to see her breasts swaying beneath her as he slammed into her.

“Oh, babe, you know that makes me crazy,” Steve sighed.  She was sitting astride him and milking his shaft inside her.

“Do you really think we’ll be like this in ten years?  What if we get tired of screwing each other by then?”

Steve drank in her body and honestly told her, “I really don’t think that’ll happen.”

“But what if we do?” Kristen asked and then moaned as she shifted and his cock rubbed her g-spot.

“We’ll just have to take lovers then.  We’ll become swingers.”

“Steve!” she yelled, clouting him on the chest.  She pulled on her nipples and she sighed, “Oh, Steve!”  She flexed her thighs and started riding up and down.  “So you won’t be jealous if I start sleeping with other men?” she moaned.

“Of course I will be, but if I have some on the side too I can live with it.  Oh God, babe!”

“You’re so full of shit.  Ahhh!”

“Oh God!  Ohhh, babe!”

“Oh, Steve!  Steve!” Kristen cried, riding him faster and faster.  She put a hand on his chest to steady herself and also reached down and rubbed her clit.  “Oh!  Oh!  Ohhhhh!”

“Fuck, babe!  Ride it!  Oh, Jesus!  Fuck me!”

“Oh!  Ohhhhhh!  Ahhhhhh!” Kristen screamed, her pussy locking around him like a vise while she squeezed her thighs around him.

Steve was jacking his hips off the bed, bouncing Kristen up and down on top of him as he slammed upward into her.  He just couldn’t last when the furnace of her cunt melted him and he came just seconds after she did.  He dug her fingers into her sides and kept himself buried in her.  When he loosened his grip she fell onto his chest and he held her tightly, lost in the tangle of her hair.  They were both breathless.

“You were thinking about all those other guys you’re going to screw, weren’t you?” Steve breathed.

“Oh, of course.  They’re all going to be hung like horses and I’m going to take them two at a time.”

“Just make sure you tape it for me.”

“I wouldn’t want you to miss any of it.”

“You’re so crazy.  You’d never do that crap.”

“Of course not!  I’m just teasing you.”

“Good, because you’re going to be my wife.”

“I can’t wait.  I love you so much, honey.”

     “I love you too.  I can’t wait until you’re Mrs. Spencer.”



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