The Accidental Exhibitionist



Jake Marlow



Although the white van had been paralleling Sophie off and on for miles, it took her a while to notice.  It was late afternoon and the interstate was crowded enough with vehicles that another white work van just didn’t stand out to her, and besides, she was so busy fielding calls on her phone that it was a miracle she hadn’t plowed into the car in front of her.  She finally put down her phone and noticed that the big white van had pulled even with her and was staying there.

Sophie glanced over and saw the driver, a rough, handsome guy in his late twenties, a year or two younger than her, was looking down into her Volvo sedan while drumming his fingers on the steering wheel. It took her a moment to realize he was staring at her legs, which were exposed because her tight, black skirt that had ridden up. She glanced at the lacy tops of her thigh-highs. Her bare foot pressed the accelerator.  She always wore thigh highs instead of pantyhose when the weather turned warm.  She did not count on an audience on the interstate.  She wanted to tug her skirt down, but that would be an acknowledgment that she was being watched.

Sophie avoided looking at the driver beside her and decelerated to see if he would pass, but he just dropped down and matched her speed.  He kept beside her for another minute or two and then She accelerated.  The driver sped up and tried to match her speed, but a car in the right lane forced him to break and he dropped back.  Once he was out of view, Sophie pulled her skirt back down.  As she kept track of the white van in her mirrors, she realized that she was flushed.  She was tingling from the unexpected attention.

The van stayed behind her and dropped back in traffic.  After a while the phone rang again and Sophie lost track of her admirer.  A pharmaceutical rep, she was headed to western Maryland, where she’d stay in a hotel tonight before stopping at a string of doctors’ offices the next day.   She had so many calls to make and appointments to confirm that she forgot all about the man in the van and the warm feeling she had from his watching her.  At least until she saw he was beside her once again.

It had been close to forty-five minutes since she had last seen him, she realized, and she wondered if he just happened to be going her way, or he had gone out of his way just to keep spying on her.  Common sense told her it was creepy, but she couldn’t help but be flattered. 

She knew she was attractive, with natural blonde hair that fell just past her shoulders, when it wasn’t up in a ponytail as it was at the moment, blue eyes, and a milk and honey complexion.  Almost all the women in her profession were attractive.  It was just part of the job.  She was also in great shape, having been an athlete all through high school and college.  Even now she ran in 5K races whenever she could.  Her trimmed, toned figure only made her breasts seem larger than the c-cups they were.  Yes, Sophie drew attention whenever she went out for drinks with friends and never wanted for a bedmate when she was in the mood, but this was different.  The guy in the van couldn’t sweet talk her, or pretend he was interested in what she had to say.  He was just riding in a van beside her car and ogling because he thought she was hot.  It was purely sexual and She couldn’t help but react.  She found she couldn’t concentrate on driving, her phone call and her new friend, so she quickly terminated her call.

Her skirt had risen again, but not to show as much leg as before.  That didn’t stop her admirer from staying with her and looking down into her car and she thought he must be a horny guy.  Sophie accelerated and decelerated again and the guy kept with her.  Both their eyes were hidden behind dark sunglasses, which was a relief.  If she were to meet his eyes she was sure she would just floor the gas pedal and get away from him. 

It was crazy, but she was getting really turned on by her admirer.  It was like they were the only two people on the road and the anonymity made her feel like she could be daring without taking a huge risk.  It just took a little adjustment of her left leg, crooking it at the knee and pulling her foot close to the seat to make her skirt ride up again.  As her skirt drifted up, Sophie glanced out of the corner of her eye and saw her friend was definitely paying attention.  A thrill shot through her and she made sure to stay parallel with him.  How long could they keep going like this, she wondered.

Afraid of being too obvious, Sophie accelerated again and he stayed beside her.  Without anyone in the right lane to block him he had no trouble staying right next to her.  She was feeling daring and decided to push things further.  By bending her leg more, and spreading her thighs a bit, she caused her skirt to fall further toward her lap.  The cool air from the air conditioning raised goosebumps on her exposed thighs and Sophie gripped the wheel tighter as her excitement grew. 

The tingle between her legs had grown to a throbbing.  Her admirer pulled up a bit further and she wondered why he changed his view, at least until she looked down. With her legs parted he now had a perfect view of her pussy, made all the more obvious by the white satin panties she wore.  Her panties seemed to glow like a beacon when framed by her black skirt.  She fought her initial reaction to close her legs, and made sure she kept pace with the guy.  God, it was so exciting to be so exposed.  She wasn’t a prude by any stretch of the imagination, but she’d never done anything like this, flashing a complete stranger.  She was usually pissed when she caught a coworker sneaking a peek down her blouse.  That view was reserved for doctors when she was making sales calls.  Sophie’s heart thudded in her chest.  She hadn’t been so turned on in so long.

Sophie looked up and saw they were coming up fast on a tractor trailer in the right lane.  Obviously her admirer was paying as little attention to the road as she was, because he jammed on his brakes while she went flying right by the truck.  It occurred to her that the trucker could see down into her car too, but she felt she’d pushed things far enough.  She kept flying up the interstate in the left lane while the guy in the van pulled around the tractor trailer and passed it.

She encountered another clump of traffic and drifted over to the right lane.  It was harder to see down into the car from the left, she knew.  Her pussy was just throbbing for attention and she couldn’t resist its call any longer.  She whimpered when she touched herself through the thin barrier of white satin and felt it was already damp.  She rubbed little circles over her mound, adding pressure right above her clit.  She gasped and pressed harder.  It was getting difficult to concentrate on the road, but she couldn’t stop herself.  She kept her eyes locked on the car in front of her so she wouldn’t ram it and rubbed harder, pushing her panties up between her lips.

A quick glance to her left told she that her friend was with her once again.  Although he couldn’t see exactly what she was doing, he had to be able to guess, she knew.  Her right hand was locked on the steering wheel and the left was moving in her lap.  She realized with a start that she wanted him to see what she was doing.  It was crazy, but she wanted him to see! 

Sophie signaled and he let her over.  She accelerated and weaved through the clump of traffic and back into the open.  Her admirer stayed with her as best he could, although it was harder in the less maneuverable van.  She had to stop touching herself while she maneuvered the Volvo through the traffic and it was frustrating.  Once she’s put a couple miles between her and the traffic in the rear, she slowed and stayed in the left lane, waiting for him to catch up with her.

She was touching herself even before he caught up, but really kicked it into overdrive when her audience was back.  She looked over and was disappointed that she couldn’t tell if he was doing anything to himself.  There was no longer any pretense and Sophie kept looking at him as she touched herself.  Her pussy was soaked and she was so close to cumming.  It just took a couple more minutes, during which she almost swerved into the side of the van, and she cried out and bent forward, body tightening up as she exploded in climax.  The Volvo swerved wildly, but she regained control before she left the road and dropped her speed, pulling in behind the van.  Only then did she realize there was a line of cars in her lane waiting to pass. 

Sophie twisted the cap off a bottle of water in her cup holder and drank deeply, nearly draining it.  She was breathing hard, but extraordinarily pleased with herself.  She’d never felt so naughty and sexy in her life!  The van cut to the left and then slowed so they were beside each other again.  She was ready to speed up and end their little game, but then saw he was holding up a piece of paper.  His cell number was on it!

This is a terrible idea, she thought as she reached for her phone.  Showing off for some anonymous stranger was crazy enough, but she did it because she knew once she accelerated up the interstate she would never have to see him again.  She could be whoever she wanted to be with a perfect stranger.  Talking to the man who just watched her masturbate on the road was the last thing she should be doing, but she was still so horny and she felt so naughty that she just wasn’t thinking straight.  She read the number off the paper and entered it into her phone.  She stared down at it knowing she was just shouldn’t do it.  What’s the harm in talking, she told herself. Sophie pressed Send.  He picked up on the second ring.

“Hi,” his voice was smooth, with the trace of a Southern accent, North Carolina maybe.  It was the southern gentleman voice that charmed women right out of their panties.  She set the phone down, listening with her Bluetooth earpiece. 

“Hi yourself,” she answered, forcing confidence into her voice.  That felt stupid, but she didn’t know what to say.

“I really love your stockings.  There’s nothing hotter than a sexy woman in stockings.”

Sophie blushed hard and said, “Thanks.”

“Listen, there’s a rest stop a few more miles up the road and I’m planning on stretching my legs.  It would be great if you stopped off too.”

“I don’t know about that…”

“Great,” he interrupted.  “I’ll see you there.”  Before she could say anything further, he broke the connection.

She was stunned.  He was certainly a confident bastard that was for sure.  Of course, she’d given him every reason for it, hadn’t she?  She wasn’t the type of woman who just pulled off the road to meet a strange guy, but how could he know that?  He probably thought she was the kind of woman who masturbated in her car too.  Sophie smiled at that. 

They passed a sign warning that the rest area was two miles ahead.  She had a couple minutes to make up her mind, but she didn’t need it.  She had every intention of passing right by the rest stop as her admirer pulled into it.  It would also give her some distance from him so she wouldn’t have to worry about him following her to her hotel.  For a second she entertained the fantasy of pulling over and fucking her admirer in the back seat of her car.  It was like something out of one of those late night cable shows and her pussy tightened as she thought about it, but it was just a crazy fantasy.

The van signaled and slid over into the exit lane.  Sophie was still behind it and accelerated when the lane was clear.  She was just about to pass when she hit the brakes and got over at the last second.  That fantasy kept playing in her head and she couldn’t shake it.  Although she knew it was dangerous, She just couldn’t help herself.  She wanted to follow through with this.  For just this afternoon she could be someone else.  She could be the woman who flirted with danger.

He drove to the far end of the lot and parked by a stand of trees.  There were about a dozen cars there already, mostly parked near the small building that contained rest rooms and vending machines.  On the other side of the building was a small picnic area.  You can’t do this!  You can’t do this!  She told herself as she followed him and parked close to the van.  She took a deep breath and slipped on her heels and most confident face.  It’s just like going to meet a new client, she told herself.  She just had to stride in like she was in charge.

He was already out of the van and held the door for Sophie as she exited the Volvo.  It gave him a nice view of her legs as she swung them out.  Even though he was still wearing the dark, wrap around sunglasses, she could feel his eyes moving up and down her body.  Chills went down her spine.

“I’m Blake,” he said, offering a hand.  He was at least a couple inches over six feet, with thick, dark hair and clearly his physical job kept him in good shape.  A white t-shirt with the sleeve cut off showed off his arms and tight faded jeans hugged him nicely.

“Ivy,” she lied, taking his hand with the same one she’d rubbed herself with.  His hands were rough.  He kissed her hand and she wondered if he could taste her.  It made her weak in the knees.

“That was quite a show you put on back there,” he said with a wide grin.

Sophie almost said, “I don’t want you to think I do this all the time,” but she stopped herself and instead replied, “I know I enjoyed it.  How about you?  How much did you enjoy it?”  Her voice was a sexy purr.  Her eyes drifted down to his crotch, which was nicely filled out.

“As much as you did.  If you want I could show you just how much.”

She steeled herself for the moment of truth.  Unless he was a rapist, this was her last chance to back out.  Whatever came out of her mouth next would determine her course of action.  Even though all her logic told her to just leave, Sophie wasn’t about logic at that moment.  No matter how reckless it was, she wanted to see this thing through.  By that point, she needed to see it through.  She was so horny a dewy drop of arousal ran down her thigh.

Stepping past him, she trailed a hand over the handle on the side door of the van.  She would have pulled it open, but didn’t want to break one of her long, red nails.  She dismissed dragging him into the back of her car, because anyone could see them, and likewise the chances of getting caught in the bathroom were too high.  But his van, with just the two windows in the back door, would be perfect.

“Why don’t you show me your van?  I do a little tinkering around the house and would love to see your tools.”

Blake touched her back as he moved past her and gave the handle a hard tug, yanking the door to the side.  It was still cool from the air conditioning, but the back of the van was cluttered with tools.  Large plastic boxes holding power tools, tool boxes, and empty plastic buckets filled with extension cords crowded the hard, black plastic floor.  There wasn’t a lot of room back there, but she thought they could make do.  She picked up a heavy screwdriver, nearly a foot long, and turned it in her hands.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen one this big.  What do you use it for?”

Blake grinned and replied, “That’s for when something needs a good, hard screwing.  Haven’t you ever handled something like that before?”  He wrapped his hand around hers, gripping the screwdriver tightly. 

“Oh, I know how to handle it.  Like I said, I just never held one so big before.”

Blake grabbed and kissed her.  Sophie gasped and opened her lips for his invading tongue while he held her tightly by the small of her back.  She let the screwdriver clatter to the floor and grabbed his firm ass in both hands and he followed suit, pulling up the back of her skirt in the process.  As they kissed, he blindly swiped at the tools in the van, trying to clear a space.

Pushing her away, he leaned into the van, letting her admire his ass even more, and pushed tools around until he’d cleared a long, narrow space on the floor.  Sophie had no intention of lying down in that van when she saw how dirty the floor was and ordered, “Get in there and lay down.”  She knew it sounded harsh, but she meant to stay in control.  Blake did as he was told and she climbed in behind him.  He could see right up her skirt when she stepped up into the back of the van and pulled the door closed, plunging it into semidarkness. 

The back of the van actually wasn’t so dim once She removed her sunglasses and her eyes adjusted, and she carefully placed her heels on the floor, squatting over Blake.  He had removed his sunglasses, revealing sharp gray eyes, which watched her expectantly.  He seemed perfectly willing to let her run the show.  First things first, Sophie thought, and tugged at his belt.  Once his jeans were open, he lifted his butt so she could slide them down his legs to his scuffed work boots. 

Gray boxer briefs held his package and she cupped it with both hands, filling them with his expectant hardness.  Sophie stroked him through the boxers until a wet spot appeared on them, while he lay back with his hands behind his head and watched her.  Satisfied she’d teased him enough, she pulled the boxers down and then got one her knees, cursing, this is going to ruin my stockings.  His cock pointed up at her like an accusation, saying, come take what you want.  He was larger, as advertised, although not the biggest she’d ever seen, which was fine with her.  In her experience, really big guys just hurt.  She smothered it with kisses, first concentrating on the head and then moving down the shaft, licking as she went.  It was musky from being contained all day and that turned Sophie on even more.  She couldn’t recall the last time she’d been with a man who used his body and really worked for a living.  The men she usually met were all doctors, lawyers and other professionals who probably never broke a sweat unless they went to the gym. 

Sophie kissed and licked both his balls while stroking him and then licked her way back to the head and filled her mouth.  She took it slow, swirling her tongue all around the head as she sucked it and used her hand so the rest of his shaft didn’t feel neglected.  Blake moaned and arched his back, trying to push more of his cock into her mouth, but she kept control. She only took as much of him in her mouth as she wanted.  Slowly, she pushed more cock into her mouth until she’d swallowed about half of him.  He hit the back of her throat and she worked up and down, sucking him hard while alternating between stroking the rest of his prick and massaging his balls.  Her other hand was between her own legs, rubbing through her panties. She could not believe how deliciously dirty she felt, and how much it turned her on.

“Oh dammit, Ivy, that feels fucking good,” Blake gasped, lightly stroking her hair, but resisting the urge to push her mouth further down on his cock.

Sophie brought him to the brink several times, not stopping until she was sure he couldn’t hold out any longer.  She normally wouldn’t mind if he came in her mouth, but she had other plans that she needed him hard for.  She let go of him with a pop and slithered up his body.  She was pleased that he accepted her full, passionate kiss.  She hated when a guy wouldn’t kiss her after a blowjob.  As they kissed, Blake hiked her skirt up and worked her panties down.  Once they were out of the way he kneaded her ass and pushed a hand between her thighs from behind. 

His fingertips brushed her labia and she quaked.  She was hypersensitive down there.  First he just touched her wet, sticky lips, but then he worked a couple fingers between them.  In that position he couldn’t quite finger her, but his fingers were just deep enough to drive her crazy.  She moaned into their kiss and squirmed to get closer to his questing fingers.  God, but she was ready to have him inside her right now!

Blake had other plans.  He grabbed her ass again and pulled her higher.  Sophie caught on and moved up his body.  She felt runners tear into her stockings at the knees as she positioned herself over his face.  He grabbed her thighs and pulled her down, his tongue flicking up inside her.  She whimpered and rode his tongue. She hadn’t sat on a guy’s face since college and she had forgotten the feeling of power it gave her.  His hands locked on her thighs and Blake held her in place as his tongue snaked up inside her and he kissed her passionately between the legs.  Her pussy opened up for him and the back of the van filled with wet sucking sounds as he licked and sucked her.  She grabbed onto cords hanging from the sides of the van and rode his face as her cries grew louder.  He blindly grabbed for her chest and kneaded her breasts through her green blouse.  She hastily unbuttoned it and guided his hands to her breasts, which strained against a lacy ivory bra.  Her round stiff nipples pressed through the bra and Blake easily found them, pinching and teasing, adding yet another layer to the ecstasy Sophie already felt.  He was relentless in driving her further and further and she cried out as she climaxed, shuddering and almost falling forward, pressing her breasts into Blake’s hands.  She flooded his face and he kept lapping at her as the waves of pleasure buffeted her mind.

“Oh God, that was wonderful,” Sophie panted, slipping back down so she was straddling his body again.  His shaft lay in the slippery crevice between her labia and she ground into it while kissing him.  She’d cum twice in the last hour or so and she hoped there was at least one more orgasm in her future.

She slid forward just enough so that she could get her hand between them and she grasped his cock and pressed it to her pussy.  She kept him in place and eased back down, slowly impaling herself on him.  She was slippery and he entered her easily, but it felt so good as he opened Sophie up and filled her.  She was leaning forward with her hands on either side of Blake and he held her waist as she fluidly moved up and down and back and forth on his prick.  The van gently rocked to their rhythm and she closed her eyes, thinking of nothing but the cock moving in and out of her.  She whimpered softly with each thrust and felt herself building and building.

Pushing back, she sat up and grabbed onto the sides of the van again.  Instead of grinding back and forth on Blake’s cock, she rode it up and down now, using her arms to pull herself up and down as she flexed her thighs to ride him.  God, but he was reaching deep and filling her in a way she hadn’t felt in quite a while.  Sophie rode him faster and faster as she could see her climax on the horizon.  Blake’s hands moved to her breasts again and he massaged them and teased her tender nipples through her bra.  She rode him harder and harder and her breasts threatened to bounce free of their confinement, something Blake felt the need to help with.  He scooped her breasts free and attacked her bared nipples with a vengeance, pinching and rolling them.  He seemed to instinctively know that line between pleasure and pain and it was like skyrockets went off in Sophie’s head.  She rode him faster, faster, ever faster, and her climax rushed up and was upon her.  She threw her head back and cried out and gave herself over to it. 

Blake moved his hands to her waist and fucked her up and down on his cock as her own rhythm faltered.  She didn’t care.  It all felt so good.  The van was rocking violently now and it would be obvious to anyone looking on that something untoward was happening inside.  Blake ground up into her and howled and she felt him cumming.  She squeezed him with her muscles and kept him inside until he drained the last of his seed before climbing off.

Her knees were sore and she was covered in sweat.  Her blouse stuck to her glowing, slick skin and most of her blonde locks had slipped out of her ponytail.  Sophie knew exactly how she must look, but didn’t care who might see.  She had to get some air.  She swept open the side door and cool air flushed the odors of sex from the van.  Tugging her skirt down, she stood on wobbly legs beside the van.  She kicked off her heels, finding it too hard to stand on them.  Her stockings were ruined anyway, nothing but runners from her knees down.

So this is what a cheap slut looks like, Sophie thought as she examined herself.  She couldn’t be more pleased.

“Damn, Ivy, you’re one sexy lady.  That’s the wildest time I’ve ever had,” Blake exclaimed, pulling his jeans back in place.  He handed Sophie her panties and she balled them up in her fist.

“Thanks.  That was pretty incredible for me too.  You’re quite a stud.”

“Think I could call you sometime?”

“I don’t think so, Blake.  I mean, we both know what this was.  It was amazing, but it won’t happen again.”

“I get it.  I’m just glad it happened once.”  Blake grinned and climbed out of the van to stand alongside of Sophie.  She accepted a hug and then watched as the van pulled out onto the interstate.  Turning toward the building she saw the trucker she’d passed earlier leaning against his rig and staring in her direction.  He’d seen her climb out of the van and her state left no doubt what she was doing in there.

Sophie walked past the trucker with her head held high and went into the rest room to clean up.  He was still there when she came out and she blew him a kiss.  Sorry honey, she thought, but today wasn’t your day to get lucky.  Better luck next time.  She wasn’t attracted to the older man at all, but it excited her to know he would probably be jerking off later and thinking about what a slut she was.

Sophie felt like a new person as she rejoined the interstate.  She felt like she’d opened up and set something free, something she might want to explore in the future, as long as she controlled the environment.  Until then, she would have great memories when she slipped into bed on those lonely nights with her Pocket Rocket!




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