Forbidden Fruit (MF)
Lonely wife Sue's husband is so focused on work and family that he forgets she needs his attention as a woman too, leaving the churchgoing woman open to the advances of Alex, a handsome, single man in the congregation.

Unwrapping My Wife (MF, Voyeurism)
When Jeff and Jennifer fool around in the office things take an unexpected turn when they are interrupted by a surprise voyeur. When Jennifer asks permission to bring their admirer in to play he agrees, despite his misgivings.

New Year, New Wife (MF, FF, Swinging, Voyeurism)
Mike and Alicia are pretty shocked to see a couple having sex in a booth at a busy nightclub. They are even more shocked when Domi and Jerry invite them over. The couples retreat to a hotel suite where they share the night of a lifetime and Mike sees a whole new side of his wife.

A Friendly Wager (MF, Voyeurism)
When Vic wagers Pete ten grand he can seduce Pete's beautiful wife Julia the fool takes the bait, knowing his wife is loyal. What he thought would be an easy score turns into his worst nightmare.

A Friendly Wager II: A New Arrangement (MF, Voyeurism)
After watching Vic fuck his wife Julia, Pete plots revenge with Vic's lover Kerry, but will revenge leave him cold?

Nurse For Dessert (MFM)
Married nurse Dierdre gives two men she meets at a networking function the night of their lives.

My Husband's Assistant (MF, MILF)
Angry that her husband is so busy he cannot even pick her up from the airport, Hannah takes her revenge with the young assistant her husband sent to escort her home.

Looking For Action (MF)
A cop's wide slips into a sexy dress and goes looking for trouble while he's busy working overtime.

Forever Young (MF, Voyeurism)
Maggie's husband gives her the perfect gift for her 40th birthday -- a young stud to fulfill her every need.

The Cuckold Detective (MF, Voyeurism)
A jealous husband tails his wife Marla and finds his worst fears are true in this dark story. She's screwing her co-worker Bill.

Hubby's Best Friend (MF)
With her husband out of town, a wife helps his drunk best friend home, and then he helps her out of her clothes.

A Helping Hand (MF)
Young wife and mother Maggie is so impressed when her hunky neighbor plows the driveway after a snowstorm that she gives him the chance to plow her!

Pimping My Wife (MF, Domination)
After catching his wife Allyson cheating he decides to turn her into a real whore by turning her out to a client to seal a business deal.

Cueing Up (Gangbang)
Young, married professor Michelle is bored with the domestic life so she takes up a student's offer to hang out with his friends at the end of the semester. She never guessed that a game of pool could change everything.

Moving Day (MF)
When Brian kisses Ivy while helping her and her husband move she can't help herself and they share a quickie while hubby Matt is out picking up paint.

Can We Be Just Friends? (MF)
Trapped in an unhappy marriage, new mom Joanna turns to an old flame for a shoulder to lean on, but can they be just friends or will old passions re-ignite?

Overworked and Underlaid (MF, Domination, Workplace)
Despite all her sucking up, sexy young Aubrey still doesn't get the big promotion, which rival Shane lords over her. When she's assigned to work directly under him Shane offers a fast tract to the next promotion and she reminds him she's married. But will her ambition outweigh her marriage vows?

Kari's Craving (MF, Domination)
Even though she knows it's wrong, Kari can't resist the advances of her husband's oldest friend when he looks inside her and sees what she really needs.

Welcome to the Family (MF, Voyeurism)
After losing her job, Callie is forced to move in with her in-laws while husband Greg is out of town for work. Greg's parents, Max and Gina, warmly welcome their son's wife into their home, and their bed.

College Reunion (MF, FF, MFF, Voyeurism, Adultery, Swinging)
Paul invites his old friend Brad to stay with him and his wife Mary when he comes in to attend their reunion, unaware there is a history between Brad and Mary. Brad's much younger girlfriend Kym is only the first surprise of many as the friends get reacquainted.

Caught On The Web (MF, Voyeurism)
While looking at porn on the internet, Dan keeps coming back to the same girl on an amateur website who calls herself "Hippie Chick." Imagine his surprise when he realizes that "Hippie Chick" and his son's cute elementary school teacher Miss Daisy are one and the same! Dan uses his new knowledge to make his fantasies come true.

Fat Tuesday Flirt (MF, MFM, Exhibitionism)
Katy and her friends usually find trouble when they go out drinking on Fat Tuesday. Even though the women are all married and in their thirties it's a tradition they still stick too. But this year the girls find a different kind of trouble when they meet a group of sexy younger men.

The Intern (MF, FF, MFM, Workplace, Pregnancy)
Married Sean O'Hearn risks everything when he cannot resist the charms of sexy teen intern Ava, who's also the boss's daughter.

Unwilling Compromise (MF, Domination, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism)
Samantha is in a desperate position when her husband, Donald, loses his job. She has no choice but to go and beg her spineless husband's boss to reconsider and give Donald his job back. Cocky, handsome Brad will only agree if the pretty wife and mother submits to him.

Carol's Choice (MF, Workplace)
Married Carol finally gives into Bob's endless advances in the server room one hot afternoon at the office.

Stacy's Second Show (FF, MF, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism)
Stacy shows off the new stripping skills she learned in class for her husband and his buddy once again, but this time they are joined by her best friend Caryn and things cross a line.

The Long, Messy Goodbye (MF, MMF, Gangbang, Adultery, Interracial)
After Caitlin's last day at work she goes out to party with her former co-workers, a group of mostly guys, except for Wendy, who works in the office with her. The guys have wanted sexy Caitlin for years and she finally gives in at the bar, fulfilling all their fantasies. Even married Wendy, who's always resented the attention Caitlin got can't help getting in on the fun.

Sucker's Bet (Gangbang, MMMMF, Domination, Exhibitionism)
When Sean is hustled at pool and cannot pay the purse his curvy new wife Becca becomes the prize.

Blank Canvas (FF, FFM)
Pretty young mother and wife Cassie thought she had the perfect costume for the Halloween party. She's wear a blank coverall and lets her friends paint her, like a living canvas. But she didn't plan on how all that touching would make her feel, or that her husband would get hung up at work. When her friend Sonja seduces her, Cassie is powerless to resist and even gives in when the sexy Joker who's been following her all night joins them.

The Dance Teacher (FF, Toys)
Chaperoning her young daughter's dance competition trip, Liz is at her wits end by the time the evening rolls around. With the kids busy watching a movie, she gets an offer she can't refuse from the kids' dance teacher, Carly. It starts with a glass of wine, but becomes so much more!


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